6 Ways to Overcome Erectile Dysfunction


It has been almost 15 years since the time first impotence drug was approved by the FDA. The result was increase in the amount of men diagnosed with erectile dysfunction (ED). This is because, the males who hesitated addressing their sexual problems came out to discuss about it with doctors. More of them realized that they are not alone, and have options for treatment. Aside from Kamagra pills, there are therapeutic, surgical, do-it-yourself remedies as well to ED to get in touch with the ‘loving’ feeling.

1. Impotence Medicines

Out of the 30 million Americans suffering from impotence, most use ED drugs as first line treatment. The tablets are 80 percent successful and the cheapest of all other options. Men can order Kamagra OTC and move ahead with satisfied sexual life. These medications are phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitors that work to increase blood flow to penile organ. Some of the common side effects are headache and nasal congestion. But, if the person is affected with heart/kidney/liver disease or high blood pressure, there are alternates.

2. Penile Injections

An FDA approved impotence drug (Alprostadil) can be injected directly into the male reproductive organ to trigger an instant erection. Men, who cannot take oral male impotence cure, can get penile injections to fight ED. The success rate is 85 percent, but possible side effects are priapism (hard on lasting for more than 4 hours, requiring medical attention), burning sensation, scars etc. However, if the person does not like needle being poked into their private parts, they can consider the option mentioned below.


A man can even take dissolvable pellet inserted into the urethra via opening of their penile organ. This saves them from injections or oral medications. Using MUSE as ED treatment makes erection happen in 10 minutes, but stays only for an hour. If men buy Kamagra 100mg tablet, the erection remains for 4 to 6 hours. The MUSE usage consequences may include burning, aching sensation, minor bleeding, or redness on male reproductive organ. Thus, it is personal choice as to which type of impotence remedy a person chooses.

4. Vacuum Pump

Do not want drugs orally, inserted or injected? Then there is another common method of dealing with erectile dysfunction that is vacuum pump. To form an erection, the man has to place the plastic cylinder of tool on his penile organ. After this, he has to pump air out of cylinder. The action forces blood to circulate better in the organ, making it erect. About 75 percent of men are benefited with this treatment. Some of the side effects are bruising, numbness, and weak ejaculation. The erection may stay up for about 30 minutes. The ring must be taken out after half an hour

5. Sex Therapy

The medicines can allow more blood to flow to penile organ, which results an erection. For such an effect, the person may purchase Kamagra online. But, what if he fears intimacy or faces relationship problems, and not suffers from any physical causes to impotence. In such incidences, sex therapy and counseling can aid the main regain his self-confidence and cope with stress or any behavioral problems, which has led to erectile dysfunction. It is always nice to speak about any psychological pressures related to ED for living a healthy sexual life.

6. Surgical Implants

Neurological disorder or injury to spinal cord may also lead to erectile dysfunction. In such cases the surgical implants are best solution to impotence, as medication may fail. The implantable pump is inserted in the penile region that pumps fluid via cylinders in the male reproductive organ. Some of the implants are permanently erect, while others could be controlled and inflated. If there is no compulsion to surgical implants, and there is another way of managing ED, then choose the later as this treatment is expensive, and invasive.



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