What Mens Suffering from Impotence Must Focus on in their Relationship?

Men ability to perform sexually is often misinterpreted as their masculinity emblem. Though it matters in relationships and marriages, what males can do in the bed and for how long is not the complete definition of them as men. A health issue, erectile dysfunction (ED), is one of the conditions a man may fear about, having the power to jeopardize love life, but given a right orientation and mindset, it can be managed and treated. Men can choose to take Generic Viagra Oral Jelly online or other anti-ED medicine after seeking suitable advice from their doctor.

The post contains account of what most of the couples go through, when impotence enters their relationship, and how true companions deal with ED.

Being the ‘Man’ of the House

When early symptoms of ED are visible, most men can still achieve erection with extra stimulation, before the erectile ability dies down all together. It can begin affection relationship, and the man can withdraw contacting his partner altogether becoming less emotional. A better approach would be to meet a doctor and discuss the problem or buy Generic Viagra Oral Jelly 100mg for treatment. The medicine cure works the easiest for males.

Before expecting another blow from ED, if the tablet is taken, impotence would be kept away well for 4 to 6 hours, while this duration proves best for satisfaction. Apart from thinking about how bad or good one is during intimacy, the person must not withdraw from family duties. To be the man of the house, he has to still love his partner and protect his kids, maintain financial support, and nonetheless erectile dysfunction, care for his wife or partner like before.

Intimacy Matters More than Intercourse

Surely, intercourse is a part of intimacy, but reaching to that point is not always necessary. A simple cuddle, hours of long chat, going out for a romantic and refreshing vacation with wife/partner/family can do the trick. Many men suffer from impotence because of stress and depression. For them, the best cure is to lower the stress by engaging more time with the ones they love than ignoring such aspects.
The affected males do not have to stay silent on the issue. They must acquaint with lifestyle changes needed to correct impotence, if not then take help of Generic Viagra Oral Jelly medicine, potent for providing hours of erection without side effects. There are many couples facing libido problems, but stay happy with each other because they understand the value of their bond, which is much more than what intercourse can give.

Give Pleasure Importance than Performance

Often men concentrate more on performance than pleasure. When ED hits them, this becomes a bigger challenge. But, even with impotence, once can keep pleasure intact. Than having intercourse multiple times in a week, whenever, erection does happen, enjoy the surprise than shirking intimacy even in good times. Do not focus on how long the activity goes on, but make sure how much ever time is their on the clock, make the most of it. There are many ways to pleasure her/him than only perform for longer. Get to know about such tricks with professional sex-expert if needed.



Can Erectile Dysfunction Impact a Woman’s Life?


Erectile dysfunction (ED) can embarrass men in many ways. It affects over half of males in the ages of 40 to 70 years. It is something that affects men, but also women. Due to stigmas surrounding impotence, it is hard for couples to talk about it, as men may feel emasculated while females feel responsible for the problem. There are some who take medication cure with Sildenafil Citrate drug, and others may pent up the tension, which mars relationship the two share.

The ‘silent’ treatment is more prominent in the South Asian community, which has man cultural and sexual taboos linked to family and marriage. In such cases, discussion and open support is not always available to the sufferers, and ED issue may just spell like a doom without solution. Of course, men can buy Sildenafil Citrate anti-impotence pill, or consult doctor for a thorough health checkup and follow a proper treatment.
But some groups lack necessary information when it concerns erectile dysfunction. In England, there are some efforts to make couple talk about sexual problems they encounter, among themselves, which helps ease tension that woman and men both face. To bridge gap between couples, and make approach towards ED holistically without dampening relationship, involvement of both partners seemed important and nurturing for the intimacy.

Male Impotence- What Women Go Through?

A survey in U.K was conducted involving thousand men and women each, over 35 years old. They were questioned about experiences to impotence, and queries were based on multiple choices, with 6 out of 18 of them being optional free-text response.

• 40 percent of females did not find away to seek treatment.
• 42 percent of women believed that partner’s ED was their fault.
• 80 percent of females underestimated how ED is common health issue.

When it comes to impotence, men suffering from it make excuses to avoid intimacy entirely. While there are ready treatments such as Sildenafil Citrate 100mg, vascular surgery, implants, urethral pellets, men may still not go ahead to avail these remedies.

• 19 per cent of females said their partner opined they were too tired for sexual activity.
• 14 per cent said their partner was “not in the mood”.
• 12 per cent reported that their partner informed ‘he had drunk too much’.

However, 29 percent of males said they did not provide any excuse for neglecting intercourse, wherein in their female partner said that the ED had got to a point that they have to avoid going to bed, leaving an awkward moment lingering on.

What Do Females Feel About ED?

42 percent women they were to blame themselves for their partner’s incompetence in bed. 19 percent think that their man did not find them good-looking enough. One of the women in survey could not belief that the real issue was erectile dysfunction, as she had thought along that it was something to do with her. 35 percent females also admitted that impotence of men has negative impact on their relationship, while 40 percent of women did not take steps to find the reason or treatments for erectile dysfunction.
• The females who sought help, three quarters of them were positive about the situation, and said it made them feel closer to their partner in approaching ED together. Initially it did bring some discomfort, but eventually the bond grew stronger.

• 20 percent of surveyed said they felt better knowing that they were not the cause of ED, and 13 percent of females reported great improvements in their relationship when they looked for treatment.