Dealing Erectile Dysfunction with Self-Help and Drugs

It is important to meet your doctor, if there is a consistent erectile problem. Not being able to achieve an erection sometimes is common, and must not be confused with erectile dysfunction (ED), which is failure to get erect quite persistently that it strongly affects sexual life of the male in question. For treatment, doctors can suggest Generic Caverta medication, which is PDE5 inhibitor to deal with impotence.
The GP may ask for the symptoms to make a diagnosis, and will want to know about the person’s lifestyle, whether he drinks alcohol too much or smokes regularly. When taking ED pill Caverta 100mg, both the activities mentioned here must be avoided. The physical examination may include one for the phallus, prostate gland, and scrotum. The doctor will also check the waist circumference and weight with heart rate and blood pressure.
The test will ascertain how healthy the blood circulation is, and if the man is at risk of heart disease or diabetes, which is often, linked to male impotence. If the symptoms are such that can be treated with ED drugs, then the person can buy Caverta pills online for treatment. The individual may be suggested for psychological evaluation as well. The GP may even suggest blood sugar level test along with that for testosterone, cholesterol, and few hormones.
How to Self-Help against Impotence?
Making few changes in lifestyle can help prevent erectile dysfunction from worsening. The following ways may give a fair idea.
• If the person smokes, he must try and stop it. Ask GP for information on support and assistance available to quit smoking.
• If the man is overweight, he must lose the excess weight.
• The male must regularly be physically active. He should aim for 2 hours of moderate exercise in a week in duration of 15 minutes or more.
• The person should consume a low fat, high-fiber diet, with five portions of vegetables and fruits in a day with two portions of fish in a week.
• Alcohol if drunk must be taken in moderation. The recommended limit for men is three to four units daily, with two days off from alcohol drinking in the week.
• Efforts must be placed to reduce stress, be it physical or mental. If the person cycles more than 3 hours in a week, then the doctor can advise to stop the activity to see if the condition betters.
Which Medicines to Take?
If the doctor thinks the person requires a prescription medication, then all the causes and results will be consider relation to erectile dysfunction. The man can buy Caverta tablet in case there is issue with production of nitric oxide and cGMP enzyme during arousal. The medicine increases both these chemicals to cause hard erection for 4 to 6 hours. The tablet can be used to enhance blood flow to the penile organ as well.
However, excitement for intimacy is mandatory for the medicine to work. The specialist can suggest phosphodiesterase-5 inhibitor that increases ability of men to sustain an erection, but is non-related to libido and sexual stimulation. For treatment of erectile dysfunction, men can order Caverta online to enable an in-home remedy to male impotence within less than an hour.


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