Diagnosing Erectile Dysfunction and Impotence Drug Treatment


Today erectile dysfunction has becomes so common that the next man in 50 years of age or above may be having the problem, you never know. The cause is distributed, more due to ill lifestyle practices like heavy drinking, smoking, junk and fatty food, which depresses erectile function. More men are depending on Kamagra online purchase, the drug for treating impotence. However, knowing the root cause of the problem is equally vital as taking medications.

Sometimes the PDE5 inhibiting medicines are not the answer to the problems, as impotence could mean a much serious health issues. Thus, before men buy Kamagra 100mg, getting physically and mentally examined is necessary to understand what is weakening the erection hardness. In the condition, men cannot retain or attain erect state for their reproductive organ. If this happens even when arousal is present, then consulting a doctor must not be avoided.

Medication Treatment for Impotence

Men often confuse when doctors say they need drugs for getting out of ED. They would think the pill that gives them instant erection is what they are referred to. It may be true in some cases, and the person may be prescribed 100mg Kamagra, but in all, the result of impotence can be due to high blood pressure, cardiac/liver/kidney problems, penile injury, diabetes, obesity, Peyronie’s disease, mental disorders, and several other health conditions, which may require treatment with medicines.
Surgical help may be required in conditions where the person has sustained

neurological trauma or injury to their main reproductive organ. A corrective measure can help place the nerves in positions or repair some in order to equip the man with ability to receive erection when he heals. However drugs to treat ED are of great assistance. Men can order Kamagra OTC as well for their health. These work well for men with problems in vascular function. The medicine enhances blood seep to penile organ to form erection.

Lab tests that can find hormonal imbalance:

Laboratory examination for erectile dysfunction (ED) depends on data gathered during consultation. It is mandatory for most male impotence cure. Such testing can involve the following:

• Analysis of hormonal status (serum hormone binding globulin, testosterone, luteinizing hormone LH, thyroid-stimulating hormone TSH, Prolactin). However, the physician may not be for or against these routines for hormonal treatment in patients with impotence.

• Screening blood examinations (serum chemistry panel, hemoglobin A 1c, lipid profile) or urinalysis

• If the man is a candidate for prostate cancer test, then he may be suggested prostate-specific antigen levels screening.

Functional tests helpful for men include the following:

• Prostaglandin E1 (alprostadil) directly injected into corpora cavernosa. If blood vessels can dilate, then a vasodilator can produce strong erection in about 5 minutes.

• Biothesiometry is another method, but not much recommended.

• Night penile tumescence testing is rarely used now, though it can aid when there is a doubt in diagnosis.

• Formal neurological testing may not be needed in majority of ED affected men, though it can offer some advantage to men with a history of diabetes, central nervous system problems, penile sensory deficit, or peripheral neuropathy.

Imaging studies may not be commonly warranted. It may be necessary in circumstances of pelvic trauma or a previously performed surgery. Tests included are listed below:

• Ultrasonography of the male reproductive organ to evaluate vascular function in penile area.

• Ultrasonography of the man’s testes in order to disclose abnormalities in there and epididymides.

• Another examination is transrectal ultrasonography for analyzing prostate and pelvis abnormalities intervening in the erectile system.

• Angiography for men who are probable candidates for vascular surgery.


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