Complete Information Guide for Treating Erectile Dysfunction

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Many men with erectile dysfunction (ED) may have heart diseases, thus treatments for impotence should be based on the person’s cardiac health. As first-line therapy, doctors may prescribe medicines such as Generic Viagra or drugs that give erection on single use for 4 to 6 hours, which can be sometimes combined with PGE1 injection. The drug causes nitric oxide releases, the chemical that produces cGMP enzyme in order to eliminate PDE5 enzymes resulting in low erectile power.

Another option is hormone replacement in men with severe hypogonadism activity. Other managing techniques for ED are check on heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, vascular function, ideal body weight, and avoiding smoking or drinking a lot of alcohol. If these options do not work, one may have to contact a health professional and get to know other treatments available.

Treatment alternatives for erectile dysfunction are:

• Oral medications like real Generic Viagra or other PDE5 inhibitors.
• Sexual counseling in case there are no biological causes to impotence.
• External constriction and vacuum devices.
• Surgery of the nerves or phallus, blood vessels etc.
• Implanted, injected or applied topically medicines.

Hormonal Therapies, Drugs and Implants

Replacement androgens are present in preparations that are injectable, oral or transdermal. If the person is suitable for drug therapy, then he can buy Generic Viagra Sildenafil Citrate, a medication approved by the FDA and available almost everywhere in the world for the treatment of ED. Sometimes constriction device put in the base of phallus by self can result an erection.

But around for half an hour or so only the device must be there, after which the ring must be removed to prevent injury or scarring. If these treatments are proving to be less effective, then men can take the medicine option from Generic Viagra online pharmacy or a local medical store for PDE5 inhibiting drugs. Selected patients can opt for surgical remedy.

The procedure includes surgical eradication of venous outflow, revascularization or placement of penile implant. The implant can be a malleable rod implant or a semi-rigid rod. Some can get a fully inflatable implant and a self-contained unitary inflatable implant. These are good and effective for males with organic ED, and a last treatment alternative taken in current practice.

Modern Treatment Facilities for Male Impotence

Intracavernosal injection therapy can be most effect, if the man has healthy vasculature in corpora cavernosa healthy. Some of the agents one can use are Papaverine, Phentolamine or Alprostadil. Otherwise Generic Viagra 100mg tablet can also help to uplift blood flow to penile organ that assists in causing hard erection for few hours. However, men with allergy to this pill or diabetes may not be able to take the drug treatment.

Small intra-urethral suppository are also a part of treatment, wherein the pellet is inserted in the individual’s urethra to lead a constant erection, preferable for men who cannot bear oral medicines like cheap Generic Viagra, and its counterparts.

Another alternative is lifestyle change, wherein the person exercises regularly and watches a healthy diet to naturally heal and regain erectile capacity.

Explore all treatment options for erectile dysfunction right from medicines, to implants, devices, surgeries, natural therapies and a lot more. Know your alternatives to get back in touch with a satisfactory love life.


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