Valtrex Treatment for Shingles, Genital Herpes, and Viral Infections


Infections are most common health problem people face today, out of which herpes simplex and herpes zoster are prominent viral afflictions. These can cause shingles, genital herpes, and cold sores or fever blisters. As a treatment, one can buy Valtrex online, a medicine that prevents episodes of further infections. The medicine prevents virus from getting multiplied and diminishing severity of these problems. Also it stops the spread if viruses.

People who have had kidney transplant are more prone to cytomegalovirus, and even this can be treated with drugs. Before taking the treatment one must be sure if the medicine is suitable for them or not. It is important not to buy antiviral medication online, if the individual is pregnant, breast-feeding, or trying for a baby, one with kidney or liver problems, in case of using OTC medicines, or herbal and complementary substances. Also, the person should stay away from the therapy in case of known allergy to the drug.

How long is the Regimen Course?

Reading the medication leaflet is important. All the effects are usually explained there. The dose can range from 2g to 500mg used one to 4 times daily, as per the patient’s condition. The doctor must tell which the right dose is. An individual can also buy antiviral pills online in case they already have a prescription ready, then it is easy to purchase in accurate amount without having to sifting through a local medical store. On the internet one can find enough varieties of medicines for themselves.

As per physician’s advice it is possible to take the tablet either before or after a meal. In case one feels the infections has gone away, still they need to utilize the medication until the end of the course. Normally a short treatment plan lasts for 7 days, and it will be more for preventing further outbursts. Thus, if a person understands a longer course is needed, then it is better to buy Acyclovir online in the correct quantity to leave out inconvenience of less stock, when required.

What are the Treatment Essentials?

In case a dose if forgotten, it can be taken when remembered. But, it is essential to have correct doses every day so that there is no failure of the treatment. When people buy antiviral drugs online they must understand there may be few side effects, and following doctor’s advice is mandatory. To get most of the treatment one must drink plenty of water to keep their kidneys fine. Non-alcoholic drinks are also suitable. Sometimes the medicine can make skin sensitive to sunlight than usual. It is advices to avoid strong sunbeds and sunlight, use a sun cream in case of venturing out in the daylight.

If the medicine is prescribed for genital herpes, then the person must not have intercourse until the blisters or sores do not go away. Even after healing, there is a slight chance of passing the virus to other, and using a condom can reduce the risk, but is not a foolproof plan. To know better when it is safe to start getting intimate, the individual must consult with their doctor. If the person is having an operation or following other treatment, then the physician must be made aware about the same.


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