Frequently asked questions about Erectile Dysfunction


Studies report that approximately 40% of men over 40 years of age suffer from an instance or permanent condition of erectile dysfunction (ED). However, only a handful of them seek solution for it. Thus, there are many aspects of erectile dysfunction that are still unknown. Additionally, there are many misconceptions and myths floating around the internet which can give false information to those seeking to educate themselves.

Here are few commonly asked questions about ED –

  • Do anti- ED pills affect fertility?

There have been many reports in the media and medical press that anti-impotence medication can damage sperms, however these are extraordinarily rare cases. Anti-impotence pills like Generic Viagra can enhance your ability to form and maintain an erection, which will further increase the chances of getting your partner pregnant. However, it does not increase one’s sex drive itself or normally affect your fertility.

Therefore, Generic Viagra 100mg can only be effective if there is an external sexual stimulation or you will not produce an erection.

  • Is impotence a natural part of growing old?

ED is more common with people suffering from cardio-vascular disease, blood pressure problems, high-cholesterol and obesity. Many of these conditions are common in people over 40 years of age and thus impotence is more prevalent with older men.

  • Can I have Generic Viagra if I am suffering from cardiovascular diseases or diabetes?

If a person is suffering from a heart condition or blood pressure problem, there are more chances of him to have erectile dysfunction than common. Anti-impotence pills like Suhagra or Viagra can usually be used in such cases but doctors are more likely to recommend you small dosages. This is because anti-ED tablets increase the blood flow towards the genital area which causes erection; therefore larger dose can be dangerous if the person already suffers from some kind of venous problem.

  • Can ED be caused by tiredness?

Your sex drive and ability of getting an erection is largely affected if you do not have the energy or are not physically fit enough. Just like tiredness, even drinking alcohol and consuming drugs can also decrease your chances of getting an erection.

  • Do tight jeans or clothes cause ED?

Not in short term, but a pro-longed compression on testicles can cause damage

  • Can excessive masturbating cause impotence?

This entirely depends upon individual definition of excessive. If a person is masturbating several times an hour, he may have difficulty in getting an erection later, if not because of exhaustion itself. While if you just have been masturbating once or twice a day, it is not problematic.

  • Can excessive cycling on big saddle cause impotence?

It is possible to get erectile dysfunction from excessive cycling because it puts pressure on the base of penile organ. Using a good saddle is necessary because if the discomfort is prolonged, it can cause problem.

  • Can you get anti-impotence pills online?

There are several online pharmacies where you can buy Generic Viagra online; however you need to make sure that the website provides authentic medicines.



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