Awareness on Risks to Pregnancy and Abortion


Anti-abortion legislations have been chipping away at women’s right to reproductive healthcare continuously. These laws are calling for uncomfortable, expensive and intrusive, and trans-vaginal ultrasound, which serves no purpose than delaying access to pregnancy termination. Some of the proposals are weird and politicians are pushing the bills ahead, adding burden to medical practices. Such restrictions started crowning since 2011-2013, going over to current date. The answer to such restrictions were that women need to be well informed to get right information so there would be less of pregnancy endings.

As much as the bill proposals sound, a female does not risk her health or just goes ahead to end her pregnancy without caring for her health. Often religious and personal convictions come in the way of making the right choice, which may influence a person’s decision to buy abortion pills or not, however, understanding what is proper for the moment is necessary than reviewing one’s beliefs.  Yes, it is important that a female protects her health, but childbirth is not always safe, and pregnancy termination is medically much safer than carrying a full-term pregnancy.

Accurate Information on Reproductive Health

All proposed Childbearing and Pregnancy Risk Awareness legislations must include possible complications like restrictive abortion ones that suggests complications that may not even be a part of the procedure. For example mortality rate in maternal aspect is on rise in the U.S, and the figure is much lower than that found on those getting pregnancy terminated. Most of the conceptions are removed at early pregnancy, which can be done via a surgical or medication process, having very less rate of health concerns. Politicians definitely must not be part of women’s reproductive lives.

Females must get fair chance in deciding about her health, with information on pregnancy and its termination. There must not be any biased details or opinions given. To safeguard women’s health it is vital that she must have access to services be it with pregnancy ending or childbearing. All risks and procedure awareness must be made available at the right time without hiding any details, so that the female can take an informed consent for whatever medical routine or decision she finds beneficial. A pregnancy process must not be controlled by any other than the person herself.

Abortion in Older Women

Let’s think about it, a female above 40’s years of age conceive and is unprepared to deal with pregnancy, as she is already mother to three children, and at higher risk to complications because of her age and health. Parenting a newborn could not only have possibilities of threats to the family condition, but may even result in her death or health of the fetus. In such an event, the person must not be forced to carry out the pregnancy.

The female must be given freedom to choose pregnancy termination. She can do it by surgical regimen or buy abortion pill to terminate conception at home. Informing about details to pregnancy termination is not wrong, but to what extent politicians go to restrict the services to people in their quest to dissuade females from choosing pregnancy ending is the real trouble. If the person does not want the pregnancy be it so, or if she wants to pursue conception, then her decision must be respected.